Driftwood Salon

Driftwood Salon is a gallery here in the Soma/Mission districts. We are artists working for the arts. We are extremely thrilled to have an opportunity to participate in the art scene here in San Francisco. We are here to introduce a new kind of interactive gallery where guests have the chance to be in a functioning art studio while at the same time enjoying themed exhibitions. We promote the kind art that aims to engage the viewer to examine life and the world we live in today.  Whether it’s on a political, environmental, or emotional way, we strive to create a place where art can dig deeper into your consciousness and leave you in an invigorated state.

We celebrate all forms of art and we’ve built a gallery to accommodate it all; exhibitions of local and international art, film screenings, live music, book readings, art talks demonstrations. It is our mission to bring you something different and unexpected from our art gallery/studio.

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