Driv Luxury Car Club

DRIV Luxury Car Club is the nation’s largest exotic car time share. As a member of DRIV, you hold the keys to our private portfolio of exotic and luxury vehicles without having to deal with all of the annoying details of ownership.  Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Audi, BMW - a collection of prestigious vehicles to incorporate into your lifestyle with simplicity and convenience. Think of the Club as an extension of your own personal garage - simply reserve the vehicle of your choice and head out on your own personal journey.


There is no better time to enjoy the financial benefits of fractional use.  DRIV Members enjoy daily rates on cars like the Ferrari F430 Spider for less than half of an exotic rental and two-thirds of other clubs. Membership removes the buy sell/dilemma and the financial headaches that come with ownership. Simply enjoy access to an evolving portfolio of the world’s most exclusive exotic and luxury cars. Contact us today to learn how membership can fit into your lifestyle.






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