Earth & Sky Oasis

*We are a small group of specialists assisting you in preventing damage and imbalance, rehabilitating from injury or excess, and maintaining wellness and happiness.

Our massage therapy department specializes in stress reduction, pain/injury reduction and pre/post natal bodywork. We are trained in a wide range of techniques to assist you in attaining your health goals. We are also one of the few retreats in San Francisco that offers "couples" massage, or what we call, "massage for two", since everyone from moms and daughters, to friends enjoy this service.

At earth & sky oasis, we build personalized relationships with our clients because we believe that honesty, trust and care are vital to your health goals.
*Please note: We do not have a receptionist on staff. If you do not reach us directly by phone, we are in with clients. Please leave your name, number and message and we will return your call within 90 minutes or less. Thank you.