Eden's Chinese Restaurant

Eden's is a small "fast food" place (eg. 3 items for $4.99) which also has a very good a la carte menu. The prices simply can't be beat, but the best thing is that the "fast food" always includes unique, special items you don't normally see in this format, such as curry vegetables, a delicious egg plant dish, beef ribs with cauliflower, etc. When I do a la carte I almost always order the BBQ beef ribs, but the BBQ is not at all what you'd expect - it's more like a delicious, crispy flavor on thinly sliced beef. If you like the spicy, peppery flavor of the outside of a well done piece of steak, you will love this unique item. I'm lucky enough to live close to Eden's so I go there almost every day for lunch or dinner. Someone in the Theater district who wants an inexpensive but very good quality meal will appreciate knowing about this little place.