Edgewater Pilates Studio

Edgewater Pilates Studio is SOMA/South Beach's newest premiere private Pilates and Post-rehabilitative Conditioning Studio. We offer both private and duet sessions in our fully equipped studios in SF and Benicia. We also offer off-site custom corporate programs and home visits. Pilates originated as a form of physical injury rehabilitiation for WWI soldiers. Today it is more likely associated with the Hollywood elite. Edgewater Pilates Studio returns Pilates to its roots. Our studio offers a unique approach seeking to balance precise techniques with practical applications. We specialize in working with individuals in a serene post-rehabilitation setting. We have experience with all levels of special needs including disc issues, alignment concerns, joint instability, and muscular imbalances. Our goal is to recondition the body by meeting an individual where he or she is at presently rather than force one to conform to some sort of pre-determined, rigid set of ideals. Call!