Italian. Immortalized in Bullitt with Steve McQueen’s statement, “let’s go to Enrico’s,” Enrico’s has been a San Francisco sidewalk café and institution since 1958. Italian-American cuisine is served up in a richly stylish atmosphere that oscillates between breezy and romantic to suit any occasion, from impromptu lunches with friends to intimate dates. A fantastic wine list and Friday night live music performances only add to the appeal of this North Beach dining favorite.

Enrico's has been at the heart of San Francisco's entertainment and social scene, providing a home to a steady stream of bohemians, socialites and the famous. A stone's throw from City Lights Bookstore and around the corner from the North Beach neighborhood, Enrico’s is more than a landmark. It is a fifty Three-year repository of San Francisco nightlife, culture and spirit.

Music has been a part of Enrico's since 1958 "Our Conception". The tradition of showcasing great local talent has continued over the decades.

Enrico's music calendar has grown and evolved with the times. Our music program has a range from Modern & Classic Jazz, Funk, Rockabilly / Blues, R&B, Soul, Cha Cha, Samba, Bossa Nova, Soft Rock are all staples on our music schedule, with artists such as Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers, Veronica Klaus, Farzad Arjmand, Noah Griffin, Valeriana Quevedo, Tonette Jeanine, Pomelo, Speakeasy, BaSSment, Kurt Crasper, Curt Yagi, Lisa Silva, Jeff Derby and many more...

SFStation Description

When it's cocktail hour, it's easy to forget about the heated Enrico's patio all the way up in North Beach. Although Mojitos are king, the summer drink de choix is the Strawberry Drop, a bright red creation made with fresh berries that elicits oohs and aahs every time one is delivered to the see-and-be-scene deck on Broadway. Once your buzz is solid, surprise yourself with the consistently outstanding Cal-Mediterranean cuisine of Chef Luis Olvera, who eschews the neighborhood's garlic fetish, relying more upon shallots, thyme, and homemade stocks to flavor his organic meats and local produce. by Tracie Broom, SFStation