EOS Restaurant and Wine Bar

Eos Restaurant And Wine Bar

Eos is imbued with the comfortable, classy vibe characteristic of Cole Valley. Though only a few blocks off Haight Street, Eos serves mostly thirty-something locals looking for a quiet night and good eats. This is an ideal spot to have a glass of wine while waiting for dinner at the adjoining Eos Restaurant that crafts a unique menu of Pan-Asian tapas like the Ahi Tuna Tower and Edamame Risotto. Bring a date to the bar and do a sake tasting for a break from grapes. The candlelit atmosphere and hands-off staff keep things at a leisurely pace conducive to intimate conversation. Artwork done by local painters hangs from the wall and adds a mellow aesthetic. And no worries if you hate doing laps looking for parking, the N-Judah line runs right to their front door. Definitely your choice for a pleasant (albeit tame) evening of wining and dining.

Executive chef and owner Arnold Wong traces EOS' route beyond its current stead in Cole Valley to southern China, from whence his father had immigrated in the fifties. As the family's Haight St. green grocery came to adopt an emerging language of organic and European foods, Wong's fusion vocabulary burgeoned amidst foods gathered in this unlikely of ports.

The EOS space betrays a later chapter of Wong's university life as an architect in training. Trade attention to detail is evident not only in the clean lines of aluminum trimming tracing light wooden bars, but also in the flatware selected to parallel the room's quasi-ascetic sensibilities. The architect's eye also meets spatial challenges to seat intimate couple sets and large groups, rendering EOS fitting for both romantic trysts and office outings. Tall glass windows offer a peek of the bustle inside, though first steps yield but an envelope of plum velour curtains befitting a theater.

- Excerpt from EOS by Enmi Sung