Eric Sebastian

"After recording several demos, Eric Sebastian's main focus is now producingoriginal material both solo and on collaborations with Kevin Knapp. The twoof them together form the duo CRuX for a complementary electronic soundequalling TECHY + FUNKY that has proven to move the dance floor.
Some of the more notable electronic acts Eric Sebastian has been fortunateto play along side are Switch (aka Solid Groove), Diplo, Booka Shade, Heidiand Adam Freeland to name a few.
Born in Philadelphia, raised in Texas and long time resident of SanFrancisco, hip hop, funk, soul and reggae were his first major influences.This is why you can expect funky dance tunes in any one of his sets wherenowadays you couid hear anything from tech house, fidget house, monkey bassminimal techno funk, tech nasty, UK crunk, or even a taste of distortedparisian electro disco if the occasion calls for it."