ESI Professional Process Servers

Esi Professional Process Servers

When the service counts... count on ESI for service. 


ESI – Legal Document Services / Process Servers;  provide Service of Process by California Registered Process Servers. Our staff is extremely professional and highly trained to complete all aspects of Civil or Federal Service. ESI also provides additional services for defendants and respondents that are avoiding service through the usual means; defendants that have been extremely evasive and hard to serve. ESI provides Process Servers that specialize in effecting service in the most difficult of assignments. 

ESI – Process Servers  are bonded and registered process servers. Our staff are able to serve all legal documents; Summons and Complaints - Record Subpoenas - Small Claims Cases - Personal Subpoenas - Restraining Orders - Writs - Bank Levies - Notices to pay or Quit - Wage Attachments - Cross-complaints - Evictions - Pleadings - Motions - Correspondence – Discovery - Order for Appearance and Examination and Judgment Debtor's Statement of Assets. 

ESI – Legal Support Services;  Provide a licensed California Private investigator that can conduct in-depth Skiptrace Service and Address History Searches, Postal Forward Searches to locate individuals or business that have moved. ESI can also provide due diligence declaration prepared by a paralegal. We can provide additional services such as surveillance video for difficult serves which can be uses as evidence for proof of service.

- Surveillance (Infidelity Surveillance/Family Law Issues/Civil Custody Monitoring)
- Surveillance Hidden Cameras and Stationary Surveillance Vehicles
- Attorney Services, Process Server Locate Individual for Service
- Background Checks
- Business Investigations Embezzlement
- Locate Hidden Assets in All 50 States
- Child Custody Monitoring
- Family Law Issues and High Risk Services
- Insurance, W/C Fraud, Subrosa, AOE/COE, subrogation
- GPS Tracking Individual/Business Vehicles
- Pre-employment Screening
- Employee Embezzlement FRAUD
- Skip Tracing locate people for Service of Process

INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES INCLUDE:  infidelity investigations and surveillance, asset searches all 50 states, family law issues custody monitoring and high risk services; business investigations embezzlement and dishonest employees, domestic surveillance. Our clients vary from private parties to individuals of economic means needing discretion too attorneys, State and City Governing Agencies, insurance companies. ESI is fully insured as a private investigator and bonded as a process server. ESI has 13 years professional investigative experience and provide services for San Francisco San Bernardino San Diego San Jose San Juan San Benito San Juan Capistrano Orange County Mendocino County Monterey County Napa County Los Angeles Los Alamitos Los Altos Northern California Private Investigator and Southern California Private Investigator.