Femme was the vision brought to life by Sarah Lincoln, a vivacious fashionista who adores fine clothing, but always strove to stretch her money. Her idea for Femme was to create a top quality shop with reasonable prices so customers feel good - not guilty - about their purchases.

Femme remains the only boutique in San Francisco that's been chosen to sell Lars' sexy silhouette: a classic man's shirt cut for a woman's body. Lincoln also carries select vintage pieces the like of which you won't stumble upon by chance. She recently located Chanel evening wear and a Burberry raincoat. Her secret? An LA stylist who kindly passes on pieces chosen for her crème de la crème clientele. It's obvious that Lincoln's charm and drive have endeared her to many fashion insiders who believe she (and her shop) have what it takes to compete with the very best.

- Excerpt from SF STATION review by Jamie Junghans