Firecracker - CLOSED (now Udupi Palace)

Firecracker Closed (Now Udupi Palace)

Marionettes and hanging lanterns adorned with firecrackers and Mardi Gras beads greet you as you step off the popular Valencia Street thoroughfare and into this lively 1920s Old Shanghai-inspired hot spot. [i]Firecracker[/i] was not named to describe how spicy the food is (you can find all degrees of spiciness here), but rather for the atmosphere --symbolizing festivity and good times. Upon entering, the energy engulfs you. Regardless of the night, you'll find festive groups gathered, first-dates or longtime couples commingling, and content solo diners engaged in a book or the paper -- Mission hipsters and neighborhood locals alike -- with their common bond being the delicious dishes, attentive service, and inclusive ambience.