First Impressions Styling For Men, Women + Home

Contrary to what we may want to believe, first impressions do count!

We only get one chance to make that first impression, and the fact that we might be over 35, too busy or too tired, doesn't excuse us. Years of experience cannot make up for a lackluster, outdated or inappropriate wardrobe, so why not make sure that first impression exudes your expertise and reflects your personality?

Don't be intimidated by commission driven sales clerks or personal shoppers, together, we will define your own personal style and lay down the foundation for a new and more confident you!

First Impressions Styling for:

Women 35+
Men and Women Re-entering the Dating Scene
Women/Moms Re-entering the Workforce
Cross-cultural executives + other recent arrivals to the US (Fluent in Spanish & French)
Corporate Gift Shopping
Corporate Workshops + Training
Your Home or Office

Don't see a service listed? Just ask!

All services are fee based not commission based!