Fitness for Mothers

Fitness For Mothers

Anna O is a maternal fitness expert and an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer with ten years of experience working with pregnant women and new mothers.  My services are personalized and customized to your lifestyle - For all stages of life - prenatal, postpartum, perimenopausal and menopausal stages of life. Services are provided conveniently at your location of choice. 

Programs offered:
Weight Loss
Body Sculpting/Shaping
Prenatal and Postpartum Conditioning and Recovery
Perimenopausal and Menopausal Programs
Event Makeovers
Group Classes and Workshops

Most programs include one or more of the following segments:

Cardio by design (No equipement required) Resistance Training (Ballet-based technique) Flexibility (Active Isolated Stretch Method) Abdominal and Core Training (Unique and effective method) Nutrition Consulting Alignment Training Ergonomic Adjustment (Workspace and living space) Counseling/Motivation Fitness for Mothers also offers effective and safe solutions for the following conditions: Low Back Pain Chronic Constipation Hemorrhoids Incontinence Anna is extremely determined and goal-oriented and delivers exceptional results.

No supplements, fad diets or any special equipment.

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