Fleur de Lys

Fleur De Lys

French. After a destructive fire in 2000 that left the Fleur de Lys a charred shell, this downtown San Francisco restaurant went back to the drawing board and fully renovated their downtown San Francisco location. The new dining room (more beautiful than ever) is a red, rich and chandeliered space, a luxe setting for caviar, French cheeses and four course gourmet dinners including meat, game, seafood and a new emphasis on vegetarian options.

Fleur de Lys along with Masa's, and the dinning room at the Ritz Carlton represent the pinnacle of fine dining in San Francisco. Chef Hubert Keller is a master chef who presides over this epitome of a fancy French restaurant. Save this one for a very special occasion and expect to shell out the big bucks. Expensive yes, pretentious no.