Fluid Massage

Fluid Massage

Change your world with a Vibrational Massage

Most of us experience stress in varying levels on a daily basis. Stress makes our muscles tense and bunch up, causing pain. Stress and the resulting muscle tension can make the organs of our body function under duress. That is never good.

Therapeutic Massage largely affect muscles directly under the skin, but it’s benefits can also reach deeper layers of the muscle and even the organs themselves. Massages also stimulate blood circulation and assist’s the lymphatic system, which runs parallel to the circulatory system, improving the elimination of wastes throughout the entire body.

Here are some benefits of Massage:
Relieves stress
Encourages relaxation
Improves circulation
Improves posture
Lowers blood pressure
Helps manage pain
Relaxes muscles
Improves flexibility
Improves breathing
Relieves tension headaches
Strengthens immune system
Decreases depression

Ty practices two types of Massage. Swedish and Vibrational Massage.

Vibrational massage is a clothes on, full-body healing massage that works deeply into the joints, muscles, ligaments and bones to remove blockages, restore circulation, release trauma and shock as well as open energy flow for flexibility and rejuvenation. It opens up space in joints, stretching muscles and creating ease and a more fluid body. Also called a Yoga Massage. Vibrational could be misleading. The vibration is in the energy work and not the method of massage.

Swedish Massage is a partially clothed or clothes-off, draped, full body traditional oil-based massage using connective strokes, squeezing, friction, pressure and kneading to promote muscle relaxation, circulation and detoxification.

Here’s the laid back version.

Vibrational massage is a very bendy stretchy twisty shaky kind of massage. It literally creates space in your joints so things move more smoothly than you probably remember. It stretches your muscles giving you more ease. It helps to release knots allowing energy to flow more freely throughout your body. When I received a Vibrational massage I felt taller, lighter, without pain. The stretching relaxed my muscles and gave me mobility I forgot I had.  The next day I was full of energy. I even experienced an exciting kind of hyperactivity and an overall sense of happiness. Of course, your results may differ. But my goal is to give you that experience.

My Swedish massage is a luxurious, slippery, relaxing, kneading, squeezing, rub fest. It works best clothes off but you can undress to your comfort level. You will be draped the whole time.

Sometime folks want to be pampered, relaxed and release muscle tension. That’s Swedish. Sometimes folks want to feel more loose, fluid, ease or feel better in their bodies. That’s Vibrational.

Please go to ClickBook to make an appointment.

Massages are listed as $1/1 min.
I will do a sliding scale for low income Clients.

If you want a session outside of the times below, ask. I might be free and able
to hook you up.

Available sessions times:
Saturdays 11am- 5.00pm
Sundays 11am- 9.30pm

Tuesday 1pm-5.30pm
Wednesday 1pm-7.00pm
Thursday 1pm-5.00pm

My online calendar:

Or contact me at ty@tymckenzie.org
The location is 414 Mason St. Suite 406 x Geary St.
It’s 3 blocks off Powell St. BART.

I can do outcalls.
There is an extra charge for outcalls.

Here’s the small print:

I provide a therapeutic non-sexual massage.

New Clients must contact me before scheduling an appointment. ty@tymckenzie.org

Please call  if you are going to be late for your appointment. 415-517-3581

If you need to cancel your appointment please call or email with 24 hours notice. Cancellations less than 24 hours will be asked to pay for the session.

I reserve the right to cancel a session.

Please arrive clean. Please bring or wear loose clothing for Vibrational Massage.

Please let me know if you have any injuries or problem areas you would like to receive special attention.

Please communicate  if you need:  more, less, pressure, depth, slower…etc., if you’re too hot or cold, or if you’d like the music changed.

I lightly use organic essential oils to cleanse the space. The most common oils you’ll encounter are Cinnamon, Cloves, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata, Peppermint, Blood Orange.

Please let me know if you have a problem with essential oils scents.

I use a very lightly scented nut oil cream with Swedish Massages.

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