From The Garden Vegan Personal Chef

The gardens of our earth are overflowing with gifts. They offer us vegetables and fruits; herbs and spices; mushrooms in the dirt and coconuts swaying high above our heads. I want to honor our earth's gardens by transforming this bounty into delectable and satisfying dishes. With a focus on local farmers and sustainable farming methods, the just-picked produce I serve is bursting with freshness. Specializing in bold international flavors and drawing on humble cooking traditions from around the globe, bland is not a word in my vocabulary. Together with my wife, a holistic health counselor, I can create a menu specifically suited to your tastes. Whether you require gluten-free, raw foods, sugar-free or other seemingly “restrictive” diets, we can tap into the vast array of plant foods available and create exciting dishes that leave you satisfied. So please join me as I feed you peaceful food celebrating the garden, prepared with a healthy dose of love.