Gallery 32

I specialize in wedding and portrait photography with a documentary and artistic edge. I view client relationships as a collaborative investment in creating enduring images of impact and value out of what the great French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson termed the "decisive moment." As each portrait session or wedding day unfolds, so does a narrative that is unique to each event. Each photograph that is taken has a story to tell, woven together by every element within the frame. Like shards of glass in a mosaic, each part plays an integral role in defining that moment, that space and that photograph. Each unit of the whole is in itself complete; yet it belongs to the whole, sharing a story, a moment in time – that never repeats again.

I aim to create portraits that convey essence, reveal beauty, inspire pride, and endure the test of time. I believe that creativity is not the sole realm of the artist, but rather that it grows from a collaborative relationship and shared vision.