Gallery With Pretentious Sounding Name

Gallery With Pretentious Sounding Name... yes, that is really our name. Basically, we're a small, working, salon-style, low-key, accessible gallery catering to the proletariat- to the working class of San Francisco who want to enrich their environment with original art. We make the argument that rather than spending x number of one's hard-earned bucks on a pre-framed print from some bourgeois box-store (something that will yellow with age, decrease in value, and most likely end-up as landfill), one can invest in an original work of art.

We represent 10 to 12 artists at a time and showcase a variety of styles from abstracts to realist. If what is on the wall in front of you doesn't "speak to you," take three steps to the left or right and before you is something completely different. Some of our artists have shown internationally while some are fresh from the Art Academy, but the common thread through all of them is a desire to get the art "out there."