Garage Gallery At Embarcadero Automotive

GarageGallery at Embarcadero Automotive will celebrate its opening by presenting its Inaugural Art Exhibition between April 6-May 15, with a gala reception on Thursday, April 6, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. This exhibition, held in the magnificent brick, industrial, and skylit Embarcadero Automotive building at 655 Bryant St., is curated by Bram Goodwin. The exhibit will feature seven accomplished artists in painting and photography: Doris Boris Berman, Clement Jesch, Liz Mamorsky, Jock McDonald, Warren Travis, Susan Tuttle and Sharon Wickham.

GarageGallery was created by Peter MacLaird, co-owner of Embarcadero Automotive, which has sold and repaired SAAB automobiles for 30 years. An avid art collector, Peter has displayed various artists’ work at each of Embarcadero Automotive's previous three facilities. With the acquisition of the Bryant St. building, he now has the physical space to launch a full-time gallery, deciding to have GarageGallery share space with Embarcadero Automotive's S