García Flamenco

my style of guitar is raw and elegant... magical and wild... gypsy style... from the roots of a town called morón de la frontera in andalucía, spain.

i learned by living this specific (and rare!!!) tradition for over six years in sevilla, spain... raw, surreal, bohemian... living an intense, passionate and exciting flamenco way of life!!!

my teachers are paco & juan del gastor, brothers and living flamenco guitar legends from one of the great gypsy flamenco dynasties of andalucía.

i have performed everywhere from la carbonería (sevilla, spain) and la sacristía (tarifa, spain), to weddings to wineries, to festivals & restaurants to farmer's markets, to work parties and corporate events to hair salons... to your private event.

my music is soulful, rhythmic, beautiful and mysterious... creating the perfect backdrop for any event!

where can i share my music with you next?


for information, lessons & bookings, please feel free to contact me at: