Gentle Computer Consulting

**Gentle Computer Consulting**

Specializing in training and troubleshooting on Macs and PCs, internet concerns, and software including Microsoft Office. Onsite help, using your computer, internet connection and environment. $40/hour

Empowering clients to explore and find solutions
My goal is to help you learn about your computer system and learn a number of simple fixes to common problems. I promise never to attack a problem by telling you to "Move over!" I am very willing to work with hesitant computer users so that they feel comfortable with their new skills and putting their computer to new uses.

Of course, if you don't want to learn about how I research and resolve your issues, I am more than happy to work on my own and present you with the results.

Capable - Patient - Gentle

Contact Lisa Vogt
Phone: 415.846.5918

24 hour notice required for cancellation
Additional charge for travel outside of the