Vocal Workout Class With Robert Robinson

Wednesdays 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

Cost = $30.00 per session

Where: San Francisco Conservatory of Dance

301 Eighth Street Suite 205

San Francisco CA


Take your voice to the next level!

This class is open to all singers - beginner to professional - who wish to improve their breathing and singing technique.


Expert Robert Robinson, guides his students through the essential body, breath, and vocal exercises used by professionals from Broadway to “The Met”.


Robert himself has performed in over 150 productions world-wide. Ranging from the more obscure - Grant Cassidy from “Prom Queens Unchained” - to his most recent musical at the Woodminster Amphitheatre where he played the Pirate King in the “Pirates of Penzance”. His most notable production was singing all the baritone roles in Cameron Macintosh’s “Hey Mister Producer”.



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