Guerilla Makeovers

Are you one of the millions of well-adjusted but occasionally self-conscious men or women who wouldn't mind a makeover but may not go so far as to humiliate yourself on The Swan or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? However, if you're willing to get a few tips on how to clean up nice from some no-nonsense experts, then Guerilla Makeovers just might be for you.

Guerilla Makeovers is primarily for entertainment purposes, according to Peahl, who hails from a travel and tourism background. "We initially thought it would be a great San Francisco experience for people coming to visit from out of town," he says, referring to the large out of state and Canadian contingent that takes advantage of Guerilla Makeover's services. At the same time, Peahl and staff have had clients ranging from folks who want to look spiffy while addressing the United Nations to bachelorettes readying themselves for a pre-party. Guerilla Makeovers has also done a few dog makeovers. -- Nirmala Nataraj