Gunilla Elisabeth Skin Butik

Unlike Schwartz, Gunilla Elisabeth Eisenberg’s skincare studio inhabits a pocket of Union Street that gets a lot of foot traffic. All the same, there’s no big marquee to announce Eisenberg’s presence, and after walking through a narrow, industrial-looking hallway and emerging into a thicket of trees and white cottage-like edifices, you might well feel as far away as Potrero Hill.

Eisenberg, who’s something of a local celebrity in the skincare industry, has a quote on her website, “Simplicity is the whole secret of well-being,” which seems to encapsulate the very aura of gunillaELISABETH skin butik. I am ushered into an airy, open studio in shades of cream and earth, while Italian chanteuse Carla Bruni softly floats from the speakers. -- Nirmala Nataraj