Gypsy Honeymoon

Imagine your family attic with pedigree -- the amassed objects of a rococo duchess, a Victorian globetrotter and a flapper-heiress, all dangling alluringly from your family tree -- and you have an idea of the delights that the small confines of Gypsy Honeymoon has been providing San Francisco for the past six years.

With such a dreamily evocative name as Gypsy Honeymoon, one might expect a collection of items bearing romantic associations touched with a certain bohemian cachet. Indeed, Gypsy Honeymoon does not disappoint in this respect; curiosity is piqued initially from the window displays, which feature a themed monochromatic assemblage of vintage treasures. The windows are presently decked out in a summery white, featuring an airy, turn-of-the-century frock requiring only a light, seaside breeze as an accessory. -- Anthony Russell