Hawthorn Lounge

Hawthorn Lounge

It's no secret, San Franciscans like a good cocktail and great music.
With that in mind, welcome to Hawthorn, San Francisco's newest hybrid cocktail lounge.

Located at 46 Geary Street, just a few blocks from Union Square, in the heart of the Financial District, Hawthorn blends perfectly the best of historic San Francisco with 21st century amenities.

Step inside this rebuilt underground bar and feel it’s spirited past come to life. Located in a section of the city that once featured brothels and other illicit activities during the California Gold Rush, today, Hawthorn has been completely reinvented with rich, dark textures, Austrian drapes, deep purple ceiling swathes, and lounge seating throughout. 

Enjoy Hawthorn’s signature drink menu, designed by San Francisco mixologist Ethan Terry (Alembic, 15 Romolo). While bartenders lovingly prepare your beverage of choice, the cities best DJ's set the tone to perfect the mood. As the evening evolves, it is apparent that there's a lot more than the mixing of drinks going on.

Thanks to a world-class Tri-Motion VOID Audio sound system custom built in the UK, the first of its kind installed in North America, this intimate boutique space is much more than a fancy watering hole. In fact, before the doors even opened to the public the sound system had already attracted the eyes and ears of some of the biggest DJ's in electronic music.

Whether you are a native San Franciscan or a tactful transplant, this new jewel of the cities nightlife will delight your spirits and awaken your senses. Come after work to unwind with a cocktail, and stay a while to experience a soundtrack that beats the heart of the city. Stay long enough and, who knows, you may find yourself making some of your own history.

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