Heaven Qi & Earth / Elizabeth Mc Dowell, L.Ac.

Acupuncture . Herbal Medicine . Cupping . Tui Na Massage

Elizabeth McDowell, L.Ac. is a California State Board and NCCAOM certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Elizabeth is a graduate from A.C.T.C.M. in San Francisco who then completed a post graduate clinical study in Shanghai, China where she spent close to 1000 clinic hours interning at Shu Guang Hospital in various departments of internal medicine and acupuncture. Elizabeth also completed a year’s internship at California Pacific Medical Center treating stroke patients with acupuncture. Elizabeth is extremely passionate about natural and holistic medicine: the concepts of treating the body as a whole rather than a machine made by the sum of individual parts, treating the root of a problem rather than just the symptom, the fact that our bodies are being directly and constantly influenced by the most subtle environmental influences, the power of prevention, and the importance of harmony between mind body and spirit.