Hrm Boutique

The arrival of high-end clothing boutiques in the Mission District do not necessarily distract form the neighborhood's reputation as a haven for second hand shoppers. Surprisingly, they fit in unobtrusively among the vintage shops while providing more of a selection for jaded thrift store junkies and sometimes at a cost not outrageously higher than over-priced vintage wear.

Last November, two independent designers followed the example set by Dema two years ago and opened a shop on Valencia Street named HRM. Judging by the three-foot silver painted cigarette lighter in the window, the white walls, the high ceilings and polished hardwood floors, a passer-by might assume that hrm is a gallery space. On closer inspection, the minimalist decor, including photographs by local Mission photographer Beau Bouverat, is merely the backdrop for the designs of Susan Hengst and Bob Scales.

- Excerpt from article by Allison Gray