hydra believes that “it’s is not the size of your tub…™” it’s the natural soaps, bubble bath, chill pills, bath melts and bath salts you put into it.

hydra believes in making bath and body products fun and affordable to all. We offer one of the largest selections of soaps and bath salts around, but we think it’s equally important that these products be an excellent value to our customers.

hydra believes in providing excellent skin care options. From lotions and creams to scrubs and polishes, we have a selection for every skin type. Only the finest moisturizing oils and herbal extracts are included in our formulations.

hydra believes in listening to our customers, and we truly welcome suggestions and feedback on our products. In addition, we continue to change products to suit our customers’ needs.

hydra knows you'll like our products and variety so much that you’ll use our products every day…
“It’s not the size of your tub™… It’s the size of hydra’s