Co-owner and Content Manager of Addictech.com and Addictech Records, Hypnotech has direct access to the leading artists and labels in upfront international underground electronic music. Focusing on booty warping bass heavy dancefloor transmissions, dedication to cultivating the finest in electronic music is obvious in every set. Becoming a fixture in the underground San Francisco circuit in 2000, Hypnotech has played an endless amount of clubs, outdoor festivals, and underground renegades with his hi fidelity sound.

In 2002 Addictech.com launched as the premier source for tweaked out electronic vinyl. Specializing in breakbeat, dubstep, electro, hip hop, and IDM, Addictech lead the charge in filling record bags of DJs all over the world with the glitched out, heavy sounds from the underground. 2005 issued a new era of music distribution to the world, and Addictech moved forward by adding their digital download service to the site. Taking the initial inspiration of those sounds to the digital market, Addictech continues to forge the path of future music by supporting the labels and artists with direct relationships and exclusive content.

In 2007 the Addictech Records label was born, stepping into the ring with an incredible roster of breakbeat’s finest producers. In one year Addictech Records has grown to be one of the highest selling and most respected breakbeat labels in the US and with an incredible release schedule planned for ’08, it appears there is no stopping this bass worshiping juggernaut.

For undiluted holotropic audio transmissions you need to look no further.

Addictech Records has released tracks by: The Lawgiverz, SOTEG, Future Funk Squad, Crystal Distortion, Skeetaz, Justin Maxwell, Habersham, JNR Hacksaw, EPROM, and Neuronaut

Although fairly irrelevant, Hypnotech has played in various cities across the globe alongside: Tipper, Si Begg, The Lawgiverz, Freq Nasty, Future Funk Squad, The Autobots, Bassbin Twins, SOTEG, Hi 8, Luke Envoy, MRK1, EVAC, Distance, Pinch, and many more….