Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Mind For Body

Renee Stephens, CHT, skillfully guides her clients to weight loss and peace with food issues using the power of the subconscious mind. A rarity in the hypnosis world, Renee has focused exclusively on weight loss, body image, compulsive overeating and related issues for over five years.

Renee creates a safe and trusting atmosphere for her clients to address both the habits and the causes that have been holding them back.

"Renee is an absolute professional. I trust her work deeply." Dr. Robert McDonald

Utilizing the best of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, NLP and Coaching, Renee guides clients though her four step Quick Start program to create the lasting changes they want. She's a real find.

"Weight Loss this time is actually calming. I had no idea it could be this way." Nancy Popa, Homemaker and mother of two, San Carlos, CA

Phone and in person appointments are equally effective.