IAMCHEF A Worldwide Online Cooking Community

Iamchef A Worldwide Online Cooking Community

Hello SF Culinary Community:

This month we launched SF based IAMCHEF with the goal of growing the world's most expansive online cooking community. Our main objective is to fuse together the culinary arts community, the world's restaurant community, and the general public who has a love for food and the culture wrapped around it.

Once you sign on, create your profile, you become become IAMCHEF member.  You are then able to  share recipes, stories around food and culture, form cooking groups, post your events, mingle and network with other members around the world.  You are welcome to post video recipes for a highlight on the main page. We look forward to you posts!

In our first month we have already pulled in chefs, restauranteurs, and general foodies from across the nation and internationally including New Zealand, Singapore, Cuba, Ethiopia, Italy, Greece, Berlin, Argentina, Germany, NY, Chicago, India, Hawaii, and SF.  We are currently, focused on developing a stong local base that is respresentative of the talented culinary community here in San Francisco.

Help us grow an realize the dream. Be sure to hit invite, and send a formal IAMCHEF to your email lists, friends and family. You will all love to be connected through your cooking groups here on IAMCHEF!

Happy cooking,

Richard from IAMCHEF