Idriss Stelley Foundation

ISF is a nonprofit organization created through the settlement of Idriss Stelley's vs. City &County and SFPD case and its allocation to his mother mesha Monge-Irizarry.
Her only child, 23 African American honor student was killed by SFPD at the SF Sony Metreon on June 13, 2001, 48 shots, 9 officers, as he stood alone in an empty theater. Idriss Stelley's case is at the root of the 40-HR mandatory SFPD Mental Health Training, ratified in SF in March 2002, and of the SF Police relorm,
won by a substantial margin on the Nov. 03 SF ballot.

ISF provides free, confidential services to biological and extended families whose loved ones have been disabled or killed by law enforcement.