I Ngrooves.Com

INgrooves is a digital entertainment company that provides
you the digital distribution, marketing and promotion services
you will need to maximize your digital revenue. INgrooves works
with the top artists and labels in the dance, electronic, R&B and
Hip Hop genres. INgrooves provides seamless distribution to
all the major music services, including iTunes, Napster, Real/Rhapsody,
Beatport and many more using its proprietary software platform, INgrooves
Digital Music
Access (INDMA). INgrooves also licenses music for use as ringtones
on the leading U.S. services, including Zingy and Mobjam, and is the
label on the new Rolling Stone master ringtone store.
INgrooves provides superior marketing power in an
almost infinite marketplace. Our services include:
marketing and promotion via the INgrooves website, features on the
music services and ringtone stores, commercial licensing to TV, Film,
video games and branded CD compilations, internet radio promotions,