Inneract Project

Inneract Project

What:  Inneract Project introduces, informs and educates youth and their communities about graphic design. Classes are FREE enabling all children, regardless of their background, an equal opportunity education and exposure to a profession students might not know even exists. 

When & Where:  Sessions consist of six consecutive classes on Saturdays.  Six sessions take place each year - two sessions in the spring, two sessions in the summer and two sessions in the fall. One session is in San Francisco and one session is in the East Bay.

Who:  Inneract Project is for middle school students interested in learning about graphic design and other design disciplines. Teachers, teacher’s aides and chaperones are all volunteers.

Why:  The goal of Inneract Project is to encourage youth to consider graphic design and other design disciplines as an attainable profession, and as a model for communicating issues of violence, love, hate, oppression and cultural awareness.

How:  Inneract Project is a non-profit organization. Because classes are free, Inneract Project depends solely on volunteers, neighborhood support and donations including, money, supplies, food, equipment and vendors and venues. 

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