Interflow Media Consulting

Interflow Media is a strategic consulting firm committed to building great businesses through effective communications. It is our fundamental belief that a company’s message is one of its most valuable assets and, if managed appropriately, leads to increased profitability and a true competitive advantage.

We bring a unique market-based perspective to our clients’ critical business issues. This includes aligning a company’s marketing and business strategies, ensuring that the brand is consistently conveyed across all customer touchpoints, and using brand as a vehicle to drive growth.

We help clients develop marketing programs that not only resonate with customers, but also drive bottom-line results. Interflow Media has a solid track record for turning existing marketing efforts into market leaders and has worked with companies including adidas, visa, Gap Inc., BP, Nortel, Umbra, Kodak, IBM, Prudential, Citigroup, and Dockers.

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