JadeMask Bamboo Flooring Group

Jade Mask Bamboo Flooring Group

Bamboo flooring is starting to become increasingly popular nowadays. Bamboo is stunning and also meets the requirements of those who want to use green materials in their home. While bamboo is actually a grass and not wood the way it is turned into flooring makes it as durable as a conventional hardwood surface.

Bamboo flooring is a greener product compared to hardwood because it’s a awfully replenish-able material. Bamboo grows fast and can regenerate itself without the employment of either insecticides or chemical fertilizers. The 3 main styles of bamboo flooring are strand woven, horizontal, and vertical. You will have a wider grain with knots with horizontal bamboo flooring and a narrow linear grain with vertical bamboo flooring.

The most durable bamboo flooring is strand woven which is formed from compressed strands of bamboo fiber. There are two main colours of bamboo flooring : carbonized and non-carbonized. You’ll have a darker color with warmer tones with carbonized bamboo. All bamboo flooring can be stained just about any color you would like.

One thing it helps to know is that carbonized bamboo flooring will be more soft than non-carbonized bamboo. Bamboo flooring is a good choice for both houses and companies. You can find many alternative styles of bamboo flooring including beautiful parquet patterns and mosaic tiles.

Whichever style of bamboo flooring you select look for a product which gives a finish which has a high level of UV protection. If you want to make certain you are buying a green product look for flooring with a Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC ) certificated label. This tells you the bamboo was collected in a way which is sustainable. Bamboo will need the same type of regular upkeep that any other wood floor would need. Read more about bamboo flooring information.

Always have door mats at your entry doors to stop dirt and other debris from scratching or denting the floor. Regular upkeep and quick clean up of spills are also critical when you have a bamboo floor. Make sure you examined the manufacturer’s recommendation for the sort of cleaner that may not cause damage to your bamboo flooring.

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