James Lick Middle School Auditorium

From a mountain-top lake to the Mojave desert, take a walk on the musical wild side as the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band exercises its own form of spring fever, "Escapades: A Musical Walk on the Wild Side."

Under the baton of Artistic Director Jadine Louie, the concert will include John Barnes Chance???s Blue Lake Overture, Timothy Broege???s Mysterian Landscapes, John Moss??? stirring The Invincible Spirit, John Swain???s treatment of the Cahuilla melody Paloyoloyo, William Randall???s West Mountain Fantasy, and Alfred Reed???s landmark Russian Christmas Music. Dr. Reed conducted his work in November 2004 at the annual conference of the Lesbian and Gay Band Association, sixty years after he wrote the piece. Less than a year later, Dr. Reed passed away at the age of 84.

"Escapades: A Musical Walk on the Wild Side" is the first installment of the 2006 Community Concert Series of the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, the first openly GLBTIQQ music organization in the world.