Jbs Advertising Media Solutions

Advertising Media Services

We believe for your business to thrive, you need to focus on what you do best.  We know you already have too much to do without having to deal with countless media vendors, their constant up-selling and the endless paperwork that accompanies every media purchase!  Let JBS Advertising Media Solutions manage your media so that you can focus on growing your core business.

We can help maximize the impact of your advertising dollars by negotiating lower costs, acquiring no charge added value elements, negotiating vendor contract terms and bringing first to market opportunities to your attention as soon as  they become available.  We will continue to maintain, monitor and refine your media buys as well as serve as your one point of contact for related issues across all media vendors.

Consulting Services

Today, it is very common for both advertisers and agencies to work with many different vendors, clients and/or outside agencies.  Over time, different processes, policies and procedures are put into play with little to no continuity.  This eventually leads to a decrease in the overall efficiencies of an operation.  

JBS Advertising Media Solutions can help refine both internal and external processes,  help to create universal operational procedures and develop new policies that ultimately will increase operational efficiencies, cutback on unnecessary and duplicate work and improve overall workflow.