Karen Kyle Mc Mahan Mft Couples Counseling And Psychotherapy

As a couples counselor and psychotherapist, I believe that each one of us is guided by a deeper wisdom and intuition. Often though this authentic nature gets stuck or shadowed by feelings of self doubt, anxiety, old fears, behaviors and beliefs that are counter intuitive to our growth and true happiness. Therapy is a way to connect with this inner guidance, clear away these obstacles and to live the life you have always imagined.

My intention as a couples counselor and psychotherapist is to provide a heart-centered, safe place to heal, transform, and step towards a more fulfilling life. I create a warm, collaborative, and supportive environment where I meet my couples and individual clients with empathy and compassion. I encourage people to explore, confront and be curious about what keeps us feeling stuck. In my psychotherapy practice, I use mindfulness, attachment theory and the latest research in neuroscience in order to help facilitate fundamental transformation for both couples and individuals. I have a holistic approach to therapy that includes mind, body, and spirit. I work somatically (body oriented), mindfully, and relationally. I focus on my clients’ inner relationship with themselves and the therapeutic relationship that comes forward in our work together. My overall hope is that you will begin see the challenges in your life as part of the path to living a full, more authentic life. I look forward to joining you on your journey.

Although I specialize in couples counseling, I also work with individuals who are having challenges or struggling in relationships. Difficulties in relationships can have a profound effect on our lives and our happiness.