Laura Calhoun

Laura Calhoun works with archival inks and acid dyes on silk over canvas. Searching for luminous, radiant color. Her soft yet solid architectonic cells hover within the woven cloth. Fluid, yet incised with a beautiful and strong hue of color. 

“I work intensely creating passages and concurrences within spatial boundaries”.
Born in LA. at 10 she moved to Belém, a colonial city
located where the Amazon basin broadens out and pours into the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2000 she moved to NYC and last Fall, relocated her Art Studio to Muir Beach Ca.  

Laura Calhoun takes work on commission.

She has expanded her media to include video and Site-specific installations, salvaged wood, ice, and stones. New media experimenting with inverted colored photography and printing them on diverse materials. Her paintings on textiles were described as chromatically luminous, with soft yet solid architectonic cells that hover within the woven cloth

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