Lavender Guidance

As an intuitive transpersonal counselor Leeza has assisted many in letting go of the egoic mind, the old conditioning and in doing so has been the Loving source that allows for equanimity and spacious peace to grow in everyone she encounters.

All of her work is intended to assist people probe the more traditional psychology-based therapies by incorporating deeper self-inquiry, the principles of ayurveda and quantum physics to name a few. 

These self-inquiring aspects of her work aims to address the ever-present core issues of fear, anxiety & depression, that today plaque the development of self awakening.

Her energy healing experience also has allowed for amazing transformation to be realized by those experiencing physical, mental and emotional pain.

She's one of few who make house calls in the Bay Area and much of her counseling is offered over the phone. 

Because she has clients from all over the world, she's available beyond the established "business hours".

Give her a call right away!

Your initial 1 hour phone consultation is FREE!

Let's paint a new picture of your life experience! One that's principled in Love.

Leeza Edwards

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