Lilia Leshan MFT

Lilia Leshan Mft

As a psychotherapist, I offer support and safety to explore the vast and intricate landscapes of yourself. Body, mind, spirit, heart, and imagination all hold importance in my work. I believe freedom and fulfillment come from the experience of a full spectrum of feelings. Fear, love, grief, anger, sadness, jealousy, joy, and reverence all hold significance inside of us. By making space for all of our feelings, we become intimate with ourselves. What you celebrate about yourself, the hidden or unclaimed parts of yourself, and everything in between have a place in therapy. Together, we become familiar with all of who you are.

This is a collaborative process. Past wounding and trauma can make it difficult to be yourself. Some feelings are so painful that we avoid them at all cost; others seem to dominate everything. In therapy, you get to decide what is right for you.

As we slow down and tune into what is real for you in each moment, we bring focus and mindfulness to your experiences. Your own unique voice emerges. Together we begin to untangle the threads that keep you from the full capacity of yourself.