Lite For Life

We are a weight loss boutique located in Noe Valley in San Francisco. We aren't just concerned with our clients losing weight but also with their health. We take time to get to know each of our clients and their specific needs. We believe no two people are alike and no two diets should be alike either! Our personalized Weight Loss Program specializes in:
Balanced nutrition to maximize metabolism
Targeting excess fat while maintaining muscle mass
Building long term, sustainable eating habits

Our 25 years of experience has shown us that receiving support throughout your program is one of the biggest keys to success. Together we can celebrate your success and help guide you through life's challenges with motivation and education. For continued support through the entirety of your program, we offer our exclusive daily check-ins in person, over the phone and through email!

As an added convenience for our clients, we share our expertise in product selection throughout our Weight Loss Boutique. Our boutique is filled with specialty products hand selected for their delicious taste and unique ability to support weight loss. Our clients can choose to eat our foods entirely, make their own food, or a combination of both.