Lucid Play

LucidPlay is an integrated therapy that combines hypnosis, Tantric exercises, aura reading, creative work, hypnogigie, and energetic healing to delve into whatever is holding you back and release it. Tantra Bensko, MFA, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ipsalu graduate, Silva graduate, has 35 years experience with healing. LucidPlay helps access the higher self as well as the subconscious to enhance your spirituality and make desired changes. Physical issues are looked into thoroughly as well as behaviors, auric contagion, subconscious programming, meridians, etc.

LucidPlay group events, spirited and excited, are happening regularly. They facilitate participants to experience and interact from expanded states of consciousness. Tantric exercises take you into altered awareness, which you stay in during the process, which is very enjoyable and helps develop skills such as aura reading and healing.

Be as Lucid as you can be. Wake up inside your story. Crack it open and step through it. Sh