Magic Bus Sf

Curtains down, 14 projectors on. Experience how we revolutionized sight seeing.  This is a time machine not just a tour! For tickets, NBC news video, and great reviews check out  Created by Antenna Theater and 

Enter the bus, the sound track starts and we roll off the curb to trip back to the 60s of San Francisco. Then you hear: "To really understand what happened in the 60s, we have to go back in time..." curtains roll over the windows and 16 projectors indulge you in a fully narrated and timed audio-video-tour to take you on a transcendental trip through San Francisco's progressive past and powerful present!  You virtually experience the Summer of Love all over again as the Magic Bus tours areas such as Chinatown, Golden Gate Park and of course, Haight-Ashbury – accompanied by the images, voices, newsreels and music of the era. 

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