Mark Fuoco Artistic Design

Artistic Interior Design
By: Mark Fuoco
Mark Fuoco unites fine art with interior design.
His artistic vision is central in creating a home rich in style, warmth and color.

Mark Fuoco is an artist.
His work embodies:
Faux Finishing
Oil Painting
Metal Art and Sculpture
Copper Fountains
Silk Draperies and Screens

Mark Fuoco is an interior designer.
His areas of expertise include: color consultation, room layout, cabinetry, architectural detailing, flooring, granite, marble, electrical and lighting, patterns and textures, drapery, flooring, custom art and furniture.
Combine this with a professional team of skilled craftsmen and your vision for a truly beautiful and unique home can be realized.

Mark Fuoco has a private gallery and Interior Design Center in San Francisco. To schedule a private viewing of his art and interior design, please call 1-916-505-4978.