Mascara Vintage

Located on Polk Street between Washington and Clay, Mascara Vintage packs a lot into a space no larger than most bedrooms. Soft, Fruit Loop cereal and TV-themed t-shirts in faded colors cost around $20. Glamorous leopard overcoats with silk lining run for $75 and an impressive selection of cardigans (a San Francisco essential) for $25 apiece in any color imaginable hang neatly on racks. Offbeat paisley neckties cost $10 each. There is even a sale rack with button up chiffon t-shirts printed with bright flowers for $10. For 1980s prom dresses, puffy and in colors like bright pink and purple, Mascara Vintage has a glamorous selection for cheap—$45 each is a fair price for these inimitable frocks. Mascara Vintage is for the vintage lover who likes something a little different at moderate prices.