Maureen Earl

San Francisco Creative Writing Classes/Workshops

I have led many, many writing classes and workshops with students ranging from complete neophytes to blocked writers to published authors. What has delighted me over the years is the wonderful input students themselves have, it’s not just the teacher, it’s everyone in the class who counts, so I put groups together with great care.

I am now putting together a new group for a 10 week program, to be held in Noe Valley each Tuesday evening. No more than 12 students accepted. This is a general class, so students who are just starting to write as well as those actively involved in writing a manuscript can attend. It works well that way, believe me, but I would need to see a sample of your work before acceptance so I can slot you in the correct group.

I am an award-winning author and journalist, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker, and have just relocated back to San Francisco after 10 years in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico .