Mediators without Borders

Mediators Without Borders

Mediators without Borders is an educational company providing our students with comprehensive training in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Our courses are listed in over 900 University Catalogues and may be taken entirely online in a self-paced campus, or in a hybrid model of combined live classroom instruction complemented by distance learning.  Our unique learning model provides on demand coursework under the supervision of our experienced practitioner faculty. MwB is developing a network of conflict resolution clinics around the world that foster sustainable peace through best-in-practice alternative dispute resolution techniques. Our approach to ‘sustainable peace’ includes methodology in conflict resolution and use of sustainable building strategies in the design and operation of the clinics in each country. Each clinic will serve as a local center of excellence, helping to identify culturally competent and local/global solutions to conflict. Their experiences will contribute to a global body of alternative conflict resolution research accessible to clients around the world. Check out our website to learn so much more!